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100 0461 edit CustomP Trimborn Agency in Pietermaritzburg was launched in 1988 when the 4 oil companies, namely Shell, BP, Caltex and Total wanted to consolidate their individual depots in Pietermaritzburg, into one large fuel and oil Depot.

Being in business for 29 years, P Trimborn Agency is now one of the biggest distributor/agent for Shell SA. The depot operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, so as to accomodate the transport industry.

We also provide a fuel transport service throughout South Africa. P Trimborn Agency is now a Shell Branded Distributor, delivering world class service throughout KZN.

The Company has now launched a logistics company under Trimborn Agency Group, spreading their wings and looking for better opportunities in the industry. Current, they have a fleet of 18 units, consisting of bridging and distribution units (meter pumping and gravity feeding units), road bridging tankers (Tank Clinic Manufactured) and truck tractors (Mercedes Benz) all brand new equipment, with updated specifications keeping up with the market.


Strategy and implementation


The strategy of P Trimborn Agency is to consolidate its exceptional customer and client services by delivering great service, hiring the best drivers, operating with new equipment and having competitive rating structure. The Company's goal in the next year is maximum utilization of the fleet, zero accidents, zero spillages and contaminations. The Company's goal in the next five years is to grow the fleet (bridging fleet), expand its client base and continue to manage and control risks.


 Zero tolerance.

Value proposition


P Trimborn Agency offer the following advantages to customers:

  • Quality Service - We provide our customers with courteous, prompt and reliable service. Our company has a reputation for timely deliveries, reliable equipment and the best drivers.
  • Quality Products - We supply customers with quality Shell Products.
  • Competitive rates - We will provide our customers with competitive rates.

Management structure


We have a small but extremely efficient Management Team.

Paul Trimborn, the company owner, makes all executive decisions, followed by the Senior Management Team below:

General Manager - Kumber Chetty

Financial Manager - Lisa Joubert

Distribution Manager - Reagan Thomas

Sales and Marketing Manager - Yvonne Fryer


Organisational structure


The company's management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. P Trimborn Agency maintains an environment that stimulates productivity and emphasizes respect for customers and fellow 62 employees. The company structure is linear, which lends the staff responsibilities and decision making power.